Who to consider when picking your White wedding date

Picking a wedding date

1.       Your spouse: After you have thought of a date in mind, your spouse will also need to confirm that the said date is suitable for him or her.

2.       Your parents: You will need to relay the said date to your parents to confirm that it is workable for them as well. Truth is the most important people that need to be there are your families and depending on your parent’s work schedule, where they are etc. you have to be considerate in getting approval from them.
       The importance of your spouse's  input cannot be overemphasized and in another post i discussed 3 things you need to discuss with your spouse before planning your wedding

3.       Your parents-in-law: Due to the same reason in 2 above, you will need to inform your parents-in-law of your proposed date so they can also begin to plan towards it and so they can inform you if they have a serious engagement e.g. doctor’s appointment that day.

4.       Your church: This is the most important as that is where you will be wedded. If the priest, deacon or pastor would not be available, you will hence need to fix a date that is possible for them as well, otherwise you will see yourself looking for a church at dying minute.

5.       Your work: Finally, you will need to get approval from your office, I put this last because truthfully 1-4 are the most important.  What you can do is save your leave for the year such that your wedding date can be on one of the days of your leave.
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