How to pick the Right wedding dress

You will think its not that difficult to pick a wedding dress or maybe you have dreamed about the dress you wanted all your life, so what is the big deal? Just follow your dream and slay right?

1. Forget your body shape: You look at your body shape and you say, you want the dress that will not flatter your shape all because it looks good in the look-book. Look-book's or e-commerce websites are designed to display the best outfit on the best body that suit that outfit, so you need to look into every detail of the model wearing that dress, from her neck to her boobs to her tummy, to her hip, to her thighs. If you don't look like her then don't just buy that dress without a proper fitting.

Bride angry at wedding dress
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2. Don't get the stylist/vendor mad: You walk into the store, try out 7 dresses, all of which you are not 100% sure about then you look are the vendor's face and think ' Let me just go with one of her dresses because she must be getting furious'. So far she will not shoot you, walk out of the store if you do not like what is in it ,even if you have tried 20 dresses ( all of which you do not like). If you are kind then give her a tip but never walk out of that store with a 'Vendor pity dress'

3.  Listen to other random shoppers: You are in the store alone and then you ask random shoppers if the dress looks good on you. YES! they would say. My research has shown that 80% of retail outlet shoppers will say yes, when their opinion is asked about an outfit and this is because, they either want the vendor to like them and give them a discount or they do not want to hurt anyone's feelings (You or the vendor).
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4. Go shopping alone: You go shopping without any real friend or family to tell you the real deal about the dress, you are setting yourself up for doom. Unless you are a bad-ass fashionista, its always best to seek out opinion when making huge decisions like that.
Bride and friends shopping for wedding dress

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5. Take a taste-less fashionista with you: Taking a friend or family member that has little or no fashion taste is as good as you going alone because you are still setting yourself up for doom. For this kind of decision dig out that your fashion-forward friend or family member to accompany you to the store.

Oversized wedding dress

6. Go cheap: Just walk into a cheap store or convince yourself that a dress is fine just because its cheap and you will look at your pictures in years to come and either 'cry' or 'laugh'.

Cheap wedding dress

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