How to be a stunning Bride

On that big day, the importance of you as a bride being the center of attraction is extremely important as it is your big day and no other person should out-shine you and your spouse.
Below are some awesome tips i put together to make you a stunning bride on your big day.

1. Be Trim and fit: No matter your body size, all you have to ensure is that you are Trim and firm. That is ensure there is no unnecessary flab anywhere, Also when you are fit, it will reflect on your face.
Engage in some exercise like walking, jogging or in-house exercise.

Trim and fit bride

2. Beauty Routine: For few months before that big day, you should develop a natural beauty routine that will keep you glowing and stunning on that big day. Listed here are 7 beauty routine you can start.

Beauty routine for brides

3. Invest time in your wedding dress: Invest not just money but your time in picking the right wedding dress that will accentuate the best part of your body and conceal the parts that should not be revealed. I elaborated here on what you should consider and how to pick the best wedding gown.

Beautiful ball wedding dress

4. Invest in your makeup artist: Some brides try to be stingy about this but you should not. To be a stunning bride and to be able to look at your pictures in years to come, you need to invest in your make up. Go for trial makeup and make sure its stunning even before that day. In a post where I discussed what to focus on in planning a wedding, make up was listed there as well.

Bridal make up

5. SMILE!SMILE!SMILE: You need to smile all through that day because its your big day. Do not let anything or anyone get to you. wear your smile at every moment, minute and second.

Stunning smiling bride

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