7 Last minute wedding day checklists for brides

Last minute checklist for brides

The excitement of a wedding can of course be overwhelming and the anxiousness is in-explainable. The butterflies in your tummy and all that. Well here are seven things you should remember to do few hours before you say 'I DO'.

1. Wear a robe: Some brides forget to wear a robe or outfits that can be taken off from the leg. You do not want to smear your perfect makeup or re-style your already styled hair accidentally when you are struggling to pull out your clothes from your head.

2. Wear your wedding dress after makeup: As silly as this sounds, some brides wear their wedding dress before makeup. You do not want makeup on your wedding dress hence remember to wear it after makeup and not before.

3. Eat: Brides forget to eat before heading down to the altar. You do not want to be dizzy or light headed at any point of your wedding, hence you are advised to eat as little as you can.
10tips for health gave some reasons of why you should eat in the morning.

4. Drink water: You want to be hydrated on your wedding day, hence you are advised to drink at least 2 glasses of water before you even have your bath. This will help you stay hydrated.
Authority nutrition and Mind body Green listed a number of benefits to drinking water and Self.com helps you further by giving you ways you can enjoy drinking water.

5. Drink less liquid: As much as some brides forget to eat, some brides drink too much on their wedding morning, be it water, soda, alcohol, energy drink or juice, You do not want to be struggling to pee-pee after wearing your wedding dress or during your wedding vows, hence go slow on the liquid.

6. Your kits: Do not forget to pack their handkerchiefs, powder, breath mints and anything else you might need.

7. Pray: Wake up early and do not forget to say your prayers.

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