What you need for a Court wedding in Nigeria

What you need for a court marriage in Nigeria

Although there are different Marriage registries in Nigeria the process is the same. The two major registries are;

a. Lagos Ikoyi Registry
b. Abuja Wuse 2 Registry

If you want to have a court wedding in Nigeria and you are wondering what you need. Here is what you will need when going to the Court to apply.

1. Photocopy of your birth certificate
2. Photocopy of your spouse's birth certificate
3. 2 passport photographs each of you and your spouse
4. Cash (Minimum of 20k)

Once you get all these you will then fill and application form submit the above documents and be given a date to come for your court wedding. You will be required to wait 21 days from your application date. Your form will be placed on a notice board for 21 days to allow for vetting and objections (if any).

On your court wedding day (Affidavit signing day) you will need to go with
1.  Two witnesses, one on behalf of you and the other on behalf of your spouse.
2. For court weddings at Ikoyi Registry Lagos state, the groom is required to wear a tie (i honestly dunno why).
3. Of course your wedding rings or bible

An advice for you is to go to the court very early, although they start at 9 or 10am , it is best you are there an hour before their start time because there is usually a crowd and you do not want to wait endlessly.

Court wedding is by far the cheapest among all other types of marriage ceremonies in Nigeria, so you can do this if you are on a low and/or very tight budget.

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