How to plan a memorable wedding on a tight budget

People often want a glamorous wedding that will leave wonderful memories, however there is a tight budget. What if I tell you of ways in which you can have your great wedding at cheaper prices? Here are some suggestions.

1. Pick a date off-peak season: The first step to cutting down your budget is having your wedding during off-peak periods. The most expensive time to have your wedding is during Christmas, new-year and festive periods in general.
During these periods, vendors are usually in high-demand hence making their charges high as well. Also, if you are in Nigeria, you would know that cost of food, drinks and things generally triple during Christmas period.
To cut down on your budget, pick an off-peak period such as feb-march, may-October.
FYI- Number of guests to be fed will be reduced as well due to availability.

2. Cut down on some items: There are items that will not be of great use on your wedding day, do not try to join the trend and go over your budget, cut down on items with little or no significance, e.g why buy a shoe when your wedding dress is covering the shoe, why hire a DJ and a Band when they do the same thing?

3. Negotiate: If you have taken my number (1) advice then it’s time to negotiate, during off-peak periods, you have a better chance at negotiating, vendors tend to look for customers during those periods hence take advantage and negotiate as much as you can.

4. Rent as much as you can or go for secondhand: It’s time to rent! Rent! And rent! It’s time to rent as much as you can, from wedding dress to veil to tiara. It does not have to be an ugly apparel, go for beautiful ones and rent. You can also choose to shop for secondhand if you want to keep it.

5. Limit the Drinks: One of the greatest item that consumes your finance at a wedding is ALCOHOL, so it’s time to cut down on this, either offer it to just guests on high table or do not offer it at all. Trust me you will still have a great wedding even if you do not serve Alcohol, focus on food and less on Alcohol.

6. Choose a venue close to home: You do not want to worry about accommodation and/or transportation cost hence it is advised you get married close to home.
Bonus point: Get married on a week day and you will further decrease your wedding cost by 25%

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