7 Beauty and healthy tips for brides before the wedding day

Healthy tips for brides

Of course planning a wedding also involves preparing your mind, soul and skin for that big day and its every bride's dream to glow on that big day.
Here are 7 healthy tips that will help you prepare for that big day. You should start these routine 1-3 months before that big day

1. Throw out all those carbs: Its time to ditch that soda, that bread and all those pastries. Reduce your intake of white rice and yam, possibly ditch them completely if you can. Of course take away the gaari, its time to eat clean.

2. More Water and Smoothies: I know some of you do not like water but its time to drink loads of water, this will help rejuvenate your skin. Also its time to take a lot of smoothies, mix up your smoothies, do not drink only the sweet ones like pineapple, apple, mango etc. Add pumpkin leaves(ugu), kale, cucumber etc.
Rodales Organic Life gives four smoothie recipes that you can make.

Smoothies for brides

3. More Sleep: If you sleep less than 7 hours daily, its time to increase your sleep hours. More sleep helps your digestion, your mind and soul.
Huffington Post wrote a topic on the importance of sleep and how to get good sleep.

Sleep as a healthy tip for brides

4. Workouts: I know most of you are wishing it would not involve this but sorry! you got to workout. You want to be fit and firm hence the need to workout. 20 minutes a day , thrice a week would do. You do not have to go beyond your limit.

Workout for brides to be

5. Stretches: Stretching helps keep your muscle flexible, strong and healthy. Aside your workout, you would need to do some stretches, this will help your flexibility and joint movements.
Health fitness Revolution emphasized on the benefits of stretching. 

streching exercise

6. Make up breaks: Its time for your face to breathe. Taking a break from makeup will help your face breathe, balance, and de-congest from any build up caused by foundation and other makeup applied daily.
Foundations and face powders clog the pores and cause dull, blotchy, and dehydrated skin and the thicker the foundation, the worse the culprit.

Ideal Image lists on her blog 5 reasons you need to take makeup breaks and Style Caster agreed to this by listing 7 more reasons you should take makeup breaks

take breaks from makeup

7. Prayer and Meditation: As I Christian I would not leave this out. Its time to pray and meditate. This will help give you peace of mind and you need a peaceful mind to see you through all your planning.

Praying and meditating bride

Below is the video!!

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