4 ways you can celebrate your Birthday!

4 ways to celebrate your birthday

Someone sent me an email asking of how she can celebrate her birthday. After responding to her I thought to share my ideas here.

1.       House Party: You can have your birthday party in your house or friend’s house. All you do is provide the following below and invite your friends over.
a.       music,
b.       food
c.        drinks
d.        cake
e.       a few decorations,

2.       Beach Party: This is a great outdoor way to have your birthday party. It does not have to be a bikini party even though it’s in the beach. Having the scenery of the ocean can be really refreshing for a beach party, you would need
a.       Music Player
b.       Light source for the music player
c.       Food
d.       Drinks
e.       Ice for the drinks
f.        Disposable plates
g.       Disposable cups
h.       Cake
i.         Photographer (optional)
j.         Costumes e.g hats, glasses (optional)

3.       Dinner Party: I love dinner parties because I practically do not have to worry about cleaning up. For a dinner birthday party, all you need is a ‘RESTAURANT’, ask them if they can provide you with a birthday cake as well else you will have to purchase a cake and bring to the Restaurant.
Then all you have to do is invite friends over and have fun.

4.       Movies: This is another cool way to celebrate your birthday party. All you have to do is invite your friends and you all watch a movie together. It is always cool for me watching a movie with a lot of friends (I kinda like the noise we make).
     There are a number of cinemas in Nigeria like Genesis cinemas , Film house cinemas ,Silverbird cinemas , and  Ozone cinemas

So, there you go on ways you can celebrate your birthday party and have fun. For me, I like outdoor celebrations because once we gone we gone and I do not have to deal with my friends and their ‘African time’ behavior. If the party is in the house, you will have friends strolling in hours after the party has ended.
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