3 things you should do before proposing to that Nigerian girl

How to propose to a girl

After you are sure she is the one and as a Nigerian you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. I propose you do these three things before you propose. No matter how educated you are, believe me, these 3 things that seem minor might be a huge blocker to your marriage.
So, before getting on one knee, do these 3 basics and I strongly believe whatever comes up after these will be workable.

Engagement proposal tip

  1. Blood test: You need to have done a blood test with your girlfriend before even proposing to her. Some churches require this before wedding you and some deem it fit to ask their spouse’s genotype few months before wedding or after they have fixed a wedding date. Honestly to save yourself a lot of trouble, do the basic blood test (genotype, blood group) before you propose. You may be willing to overlook the fact that both of you may be ‘AS’ but she may not be that lenient about it so it’s better you take a step further before buying that huge stone.
  2. Meet her parents: This is not just meeting her parent but making sure that they are cool with you. Get more information about what her parents think about you from her and if you know you may have any ancestral stuff that may be an issue, open up to her immediately so she can let you know if it’s something her parents would see as a stumbling block.
No matter how you feel about this, I advise you do this before you propose because no matter how educated African parents are, these things matter to them.
  1. Take her to your parents: You know your parents better but I advise you take her to your parents before proposing. My reason is simple, you need to be sure she is a bit (not necessarily a lot) comfortable around your people because the problem may not be getting approval from your parents but making sure your girlfriend approves of them.
Truth is she will not marry you if she feels she cannot cope with your family, so to save yourself future embarrassment, take her to mama now.
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